Alternative places to visit on your return trip to Dubai (Part 1)

At first impressions, Dubai is great with everything, the skyline, the beaches, the malls, the glamour. So, it’s no wonder that some people plan their second visit after their first is over. So, even if you have had a desert safari, seen the Burj Khalifa, watched the Dubai Fountain, enjoyed a brunch, sunbathed on a […]

Top 14 Thrilling Outdoor And Adventure Sports In Dubai (part 3)

6. Sand boarding Besides the mountains covered in snow, natural smooth inclines of land where a board can slide down sufficiently under the force of gravity can only be found in the desert’s tall sand dunes. As a result, naturally, this is the reason why there is the extreme sport of sand boarding. And the […]

Defeat the Sand & Explore the Culture in Desert Safari Dubai

There are not so many places in the world that can offer the beach at your front door and the desert out the back. But that is exactly Dubai, with a bustling city in the middle! This impressive landscape is not more than an hour from the city and gives visitors the opportunities to defeat […]

Top five animal and nature activities in Dubai

Because the summer is approaching, it’s the perfect time to hotfoot it outdoors and makes the most of the animal encounters throughout the city. We’ve rounded up here the list of top five ways to make new furry and finned friends in the city. 1. Desert safari, Arabian Adventures A Dubai classic: There is no […]

Best Desert Safaris Tours in Dubai (part 2)

4. Hot Air Balloon flight and Overnight Desert Safari by Platinum Heritage The tour guide will pick you up in a Land Rover which is open-top vintage. Once you leave the city and head for the desert, guides regale you with Dubai’s historical tales along with a run-through of local traditions and customs. The camels […]

Top 14 Thrilling Outdoor And Adventure Sports In Dubai (part 2)

3. Desert Safari It is said that if you haven’t gone to a desert Safari, it means that you haven’t really experienced Dubai. It’s a popular activity of visitors to the city. A desert Safari tour takes the travelers to a camp in the stunning desert surrounding Dubai. Here, travelers will be able to take […]

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Best Desert Safaris Tours in Dubai (part 1)

If you want to experience the Emirati culture, visiting a desert safari is one of the best ways. From camping under the stars to quad biking over sand dunes to take a sunrise hot air balloon tour, here is the list of the top desert safaris tours in Dubai. 1. Falconry, Bedouin Life, and Wildlife […]

Top 14 Thrilling Outdoor And Adventure Sports In Dubai (part 1)

Situated on the Persian Gulf coast, Arabian Peninsula, Dubai may not have the greenest environments, but the stunning desert landscape, especially the Safari, is a natural wonder to explore. Dune bashing, mountain biking, or deep sea fishing; many forms of outdoor and adventure sports in Dubai have widely grown in popularity. If you’re visiting Dubai […]

How to prepare for your trip to Desert Safari

A visit to Dubai isn’t complete if you don’t have an adventure in the wide sprawling sand dunes, especially Desert Safari to experience the magnificent beauty of the golden sands. Drivers expert in desert driving will take you to bash against the rolling sandy hills with extreme thrill and excitement in an afternoon. Afterward, you […]