Travel to discover the Safari desert – A mystery in fairy tales

What do you know about Safari desert?
Safari Desert is about about 40 km southeast from downtown Dubai. This is the direction of the neighboring Sultanate of Oman. This desert is famous thousands of years ago with a majestic anecdote, is part of the vast Arab desert. In the past, people used this desert to shorten shipping routes, especially since Chinese merchants entered the African market. They turn the Safari desert into a “silk road” which means transporting silk and silk to other continents for trade. Since then, this place has become a transit station, adjacent to economic areas.

Characteristics of the Safari desert are hot sun and yellow sand. Very rarely can you see some bushes along the way. To reach the Safari desert, you must enter a four-lane one-way street. Although this road is quite empty, it is especially safe because it is monitored through the remote radar system of the city police. However, because the destination is desert, an area with sandy terrain, which is rarely visited except for tourists, the transportation is quite small, most of which are Land Cruiser. restoring this type of terrain.

What is the interesting thing about traveling to Safari desert?
Safari Desert is increasingly an intriguing destination for tourists, missed this desert if you’ve set foot in Dubai will be a major omission. Usually there are two times you can visit the desert in the morning or evening. The choice to go to the Safari desert in the early morning is usually only for those who already have a schedule and don’t have much time. Therefore, it is considered the best journey in the evening, the option to visit the desert at this time is ideal.

In the middle of the Safari desert, there is a play area for visitors. Sunset is the best time for you to enjoy the pleasures in this amusement park. You can see the traditional Arb woman’s costumes, draw Henna motifs, and enjoy the Arabian eagle. This is a proud eagle that represents the spirit and pride of the Dubai people. One of the most fascinating activities is camel riding. You can directly ride camels like interesting images you see on TV and experience everything. The camel will take you for a walk around the bumpy dunes, with you to enjoy the sunset with the breeze gradually reversing after the heat completely disappears.