Top 14 Thrilling Outdoor And Adventure Sports In Dubai (part 3)

6. Sand boarding

Besides the mountains covered in snow, natural smooth inclines of land where a board can slide down sufficiently under the force of gravity can only be found in the desert’s tall sand dunes. As a result, naturally, this is the reason why there is the extreme sport of sand boarding. And the best place to experience this sport is the sand dunes surrounding Dubai. Strap your boots onto a smooth-surfaced board, and slide down the sand dunes to have one of the ultimate desert extreme sports experiences.

7. Dune Buggy Riding

Dune buggies riding in Dubai

One of the most popular desert activities is dune buggy driving in Dubai. Dune buggies are designed to drive off the tarmac and on the rough ground; therefore, they create an exciting and unique way to travel in the desert. The special thick tires are able to move comfortably across the desert sand without getting stuck. The safety of a protective cage and gear and the abundance of power provide the most fun that we can get out of an automobile in the sand. This makes dune buggy riding in Dubai to become one of the most popular and favorite desert activities.

8. Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is another adventurous activity that you can undertake while visiting Dubai. The Persian Gulf is home to a variety of different fish species which live a healthy life, given the strict regulations on fishing in the region. On deep sea fishing adventure, you will be led by expert anglers who will take you off the coast, roughly from 20 to 30 kilometers out, and then help you catch fishes like Barracuda, Kingfish, Grouper, Cobias, and many others. Most deep sea fishing experiences help you practice the catch and release method of fishing. However, if you want to bring your caught fishes with you, you can come back to port with a maximum of 6 large or 15kg fishes.