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25 best places to visit in Dubai (part 1)

Famous for modernity, towering buildings, glamorous shopping, and an air of exclusivity, Dubai has become one of the hottest spots in the Middle East. Surrounded by desert and a long stretch of coastline along the Persian Gulf, there are a lot of opportunities for relaxation and adventure in Dubai. From sunbathing to swimming, diving, and […]

Camel Riding in Desert Safari, Dubai: The Ultimate Traditional Experience (part 1)

Dubai is often seen as an urban space, but taking a camel ride in Dubai will totally change that perception. When you drive into the desert, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking landscape that can be said, a shockingly different change of scenery! Camels are known to have the ability to travel […]

Hatta Mountain Safari, Dubai

Visit Hatta Mountain Safari, you will have the opportunity to experience the picturesque desert scenery and explore the rugged landscape of Hatta, bounded by the Hajjar Mountains. A Hatta Mountain Safari tour offers a perfect getaway for tourists and globetrotters who want to seek a natural yet breathtaking and astonishing side of Dubai. It provides […]

Defeat the Sand & Explore the Culture in Desert Safari Dubai

There are not so many places in the world that can offer the beach at your front door and the desert out the back. But that is exactly Dubai, with a bustling city in the middle! This impressive landscape is not more than an hour from the city and gives visitors the opportunities to defeat […]

How to prepare for your trip to Desert Safari

A visit to Dubai isn’t complete if you don’t have an adventure in the wide sprawling sand dunes, especially Desert Safari to experience the magnificent beauty of the golden sands. Drivers expert in desert driving will take you to bash against the rolling sandy hills with extreme thrill and excitement in an afternoon. Afterward, you […]