Dubai tourism and things not to do

Imagine if one day having money to travel to Dubai, you will surely be surprised at the extremely ordinary images for the people here but it is not normal in the eyes of international tourists. Not only that, the series of strict rules below can also cause you a lot of trouble if you do not learn thoroughly before you go.

  1. Drinking alcohol, causing disorder in public places
    In Dubai or UAE (United Arab Emirates), the legal drinking age is over 21. There are always plenty of bars and nightclubs serving alcohol and you should only come here to drink because they are selling permits to tourists. Absolutely do not drink alcohol in public places like on the street or the beach. If not, you could be arrested and imprisoned!
  2. Taking photos of people without permission
    This behavior is considered illegal in Dubai under national law. You can be fined up to 500,000 AED and sentenced to 6 months in prison for photographing people and posting on social networks. The penalty will be even more serious if it is a woman.
  3. Bring medication but no prescription
    Medicine is one of the indispensable items in our travel luggage. However, if you want to bring the drug into Dubai or the UAE, you are required to bring the whole prescription and must be translated into English for airport customs check.

It sounds a bit ridiculous but because the list of banned drugs in Dubai can be up to a few books that you can not know all their names, if accidentally brought then … spend! As for those who store and transport prohibited drugs such as drugs, opium, addictive substances, etc., they will be punished even more.

4. Show affection in public
Dubai is considered an ideal honeymoon destination, but couples showing their affection openly are not allowed. You will even go to jail if you are caught kissing passionately in not only public places but also bars, restaurants.

5. Wearing short clothes, less polite
Wherever you go, dressing politely when visiting tourist attractions is of utmost importance. In Dubai, women will be considered indecent when exposed, dressed in piercing clothes, too short up to the butt. For men, they will be banned from wearing necklaces and always have to wear long pants. When bathing, visitors can wear short pants or bikini but absolutely never wear a bikini on the street, because such action will be arrested.