Dubai: Dinner At The Desert Safari (part 3)

The best time to travel Dubai is from November to April because the air is cool and convenient for sightseeing. So, depending on the time that visitors choose the right outfit. However, sunglasses, sunscreen, and umbrellas are always in your luggage. Desert exploration is not suitable for travelers with weak heart or poor health or car sickness. Families with young children are also limited. The currency of the UAE is the dirham (AED), an AED is equivalent to about 0.272 USD. Tourists should bring USD to exchange to AED in Dubai.

Muslims do not eat pork and drink alcohol. But there is beer in the Desert Safari. Smoking and littering in public places can be punishable. Both men and women are limited in wearing shorts. You can rent a car for autonomy in the UAE, but car rental is more expensive than in Europe. Travel agencies in Dubai are largely run by Indians. The driver and tour guide are also Indian so can converse in English comfortably. Like other countries, tours in Dubai are tipping tips for local drivers and guides for at least 5 USD per day / person.

Explore Oman’s Capital Muscat admiring its blend of ancient and modern. Here and there, forts, castles, mosques stand out on the majestic natural landscape with modern breath. Oman is strongly impressed by the contrast. Visitors have the opportunity to watch the Corniche coastal road running through Muttrah connecting the Ruwi area with the central Muscat, discovering the bold Persian Muttrah Souk market; Visit the Royal Al Alam Palace, Nizwa fortress, the mysterious town of Bahla, which is famous for the oldest Bahla fortress in Oman with 12km of UNESCO world heritage wall.

In Dubai, visitors to the Jumeirah temples, 150-year-old Al Fahidi fortress used as the Dubai Museum, the old town of Bastakiya, are overwhelmed by the massive sail-shaped 7-star hotel – Burj Al Arab. Visitors also come to Gold Souk Gold Market with more than 200 gold shops displaying all kinds of jewelry from ancient to modern and do not forget to enjoy the Spicy Souk Flavor Market with a variety of spices from incense and herbs. Visitors also visit Palm Jumeirad, the largest man-made island in the world and finally the Desert Safari Tour.