Dubai: Dinner At The Desert Safari (part 1)

Your Journey to explore Dubai will not be interesting anymore without visiting Desert Safari and having dinner, watching belly dance in the Arab desert.

There are many Desert Safari in Dubai with different tour prices, the desert near the city will be cheaper than the desert tour far from the city. One of the Desert Safari that tourists choose to visit the most is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve located 70km from Dubai center with 30 minutes by car on the highway towards Oman. Only three travel companies in Dubai are allowed to take visitors to this desert area and have dinner in the Desert Safari. Visitors to cars of travel agencies and private cars are completely prohibited. Before entering the desert, visitors take a break at a roadside stop, while the driver will blow off the softer wheels so that they can run on the sand.

Only 2-wheel drive Land Cruiser cars are eligible to go into the desert. We begin the journey across the Arabian desert in the late afternoon, about 5 o’clock, when the sunlight is not too intense and the heat on the sand beach is also softer. In the middle of the desert, there is a hot sand and no shadow of this tree, there is an area for visitors to rest, dine and enjoy the music space of the mysterious Middle East. It takes 30 minutes for the car to take guests there and after about 2 hours of fun, dinner, watching the sunset, visitors will return to Dubai by the highway on the other side of the desert, the opposite of the previous road.

Before pushing the throttle into the sand, the driver again reminds visitors to buckle up and prepare a plastic bag to prevent vomiting. In the middle of the desert, the rear car follows the front of the car to take advantage of the tracks that have been imprinted on the sand. At times, the vehicle tilted almost overturned on the edge of the sand hill. Half of the guests on the Land Cruiser began to panic after about 15 minutes of excitement with the driver’s acrobatics. Someone started to vomit. But the irresistible beauty of the sun and yellow sand makes visitors constantly turn the lens out to take pictures. If you’ve ever seen on the TV of the desert racing road race called Dakar Rally, you will imagine part of the journey to explore the Arabian desert in Dubai.