Defeat the Sand & Explore the Culture in Desert Safari Dubai

There are not so many places in the world that can offer the beach at your front door and the desert out the back. But that is exactly Dubai, with a bustling city in the middle! This impressive landscape is not more than an hour from the city and gives visitors the opportunities to defeat the sand and explore the culture of Desert Safari.

Deserts have remained to be the Middle East’s hallmarks since early history. The native ancestors have survived the harsh conditions of this region since the very beginning. But in the present, with a lot of luxuries that industrial and technological advancements have offered us, we seem have forgotten how our ancestors lived and survived in the past. Sometimes we do not appreciate the much more advantageous living standard we have than our earlier ones. So if you are planning to visit the Middle East, especially Dubai, the Desert Safari should be the first thing you need to try to discover the life of our ancestral roots and get a little adrenaline rush.

The deserts are interesting to explore if they put forward the conditions. The days are usually full of bright sunny lights which can make one pinch his eyes. Sand particles are flying everywhere entering every niche they can find. It is so hot that people are usually bathing in sweat. However, it is really an excellent experience we should have to explore a different kind of lifestyle. The nights are cold with the stars only visible if it’s not cloudy. Desert Safari can help you experience all these things yourself. But actually, there is more.

Many tours offer tourists the opportunity to explore the beauty lying in deserts. Jeeps and hummers give you a taste feeling like driving on sand dunes. Quad or four-wheel bikes give you a taste of the madness and adrenaline rush which lies in the sand. And then, try camel riding – the traveling mode that the Arab people have commonly used since the beginning of times.

When it comes to roaming the desert, camels are quite “tough-skinned” animals. They can travel a lot of miles with a little amount of water and therefore, have remained to be the ideal transformation for long distance travels of the Arab people. Riding a camel in the tough conditions of the desert gives you the feeling of how people lived in the past.

Visiting desert Safari Dubai is an experience that is far different from any other ones. It shows the culture of the Middle East.