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Discover A Snow Park Unlike Any Other With Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is different from all other parks in Dubai and even in the Middle East. With temperatures maintained very low at -2° C and covered in snow all year round, Ski Dubai makes it easy to forget that you’re in Dubai. Located in the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is a massive space […]

Sports Tours to Dubai and the UAE

Dubai and the UAE have become the top location for sports tours. Sport is massive in Dubai and the UAE. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has head-quarter there and top international sports events such as the Desert Classic Golf and the Dubai 7s rugby are hosted in the region. A new development, Dubai Sports City, […]

Top 14 Thrilling Outdoor And Adventure Sports In Dubai (part 3)

6. Sand boarding Besides the mountains covered in snow, natural smooth inclines of land where a board can slide down sufficiently under the force of gravity can only be found in the desert’s tall sand dunes. As a result, naturally, this is the reason why there is the extreme sport of sand boarding. And the […]

Top 14 Thrilling Outdoor And Adventure Sports In Dubai (part 2)

3. Desert Safari It is said that if you haven’t gone to a desert Safari, it means that you haven’t really experienced Dubai. It’s a popular activity of visitors to the city. A desert Safari tour takes the travelers to a camp in the stunning desert surrounding Dubai. Here, travelers will be able to take […]