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25 best places to visit in Dubai (part 3)

The Dubai Mall The Dubai Mall is a great place in Dubai if you love to shop! One of the world’s biggest shopping malls Has more than 1,000 shops Various leisure and entertainment options Air of luxury, exclusivity, and glamor Why it’s awesome: The huge and elegant Dubai Mall might be the most famous shopping […]

25 best places to visit in Dubai (part 2)

Burj Khalifa Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world and one of the most important places to visit in Dubai, so you definitely won’t miss it Tallest building in the world Iconic Dubai landmark Incredible views Splendid modern architecture Why it’s awesome: Open since 2010 and built in just five years, Burj Khalifa […]

25 best places to visit in Dubai (part 1)

Famous for modernity, towering buildings, glamorous shopping, and an air of exclusivity, Dubai has become one of the hottest spots in the Middle East. Surrounded by desert and a long stretch of coastline along the Persian Gulf, there are a lot of opportunities for relaxation and adventure in Dubai. From sunbathing to swimming, diving, and […]

The most unusual buildings in Dubai

Burj Al Arab Built in 1999, Burj Al Arab is the fifth tallest and the only seven-star hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab hotel was designed by Tim Watkins, a famous architect taking inspiration from ‘the billowing spinnaker sail of a J-class yacht’. Burj Al Arab has a unique helipad element, being suspended from […]

Nine alternative places to visit on your return holiday to Dubai (part 2)

Stroll around Satwa Explore Satwa, one of Dubai’s most diverse neighbourhoods, to have a more urban experience. In Satwa, a world away from the malls, you can find a variety of shops selling everything imaginable, fantastic, cheap food, and more. Satwa is also home to many tailors and haberdashers of Dubai with fabrics ranging from […]

Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai (part 1)

Dubai is the hottest holiday spot of the United Arab Emirates. This city of high-rises and shopping malls is famous for sightseeing attractions, including the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and shopping malls that come complete with indoor ski slopes and mammoth aquariums. In addition, this city also has many cultural things to do, as […]