Camel ride on Desert Safari: Unique experience (part 1)

Exploring the Desert Safari is the most wonderful experience anyone would want. Once sitting on camels and traveling to welcome the sunset on the vast sand dunes will be an experience you cannot forget when coming to Dubai.

If you think the Desert Safari in Dubai is no different than other sand dunes, then that’s wrong. The temperature here is much harsher. However, the experience here will also be extremely great. You not only enjoy the feeling of camel riding wandering the sand dunes but also have the opportunity to watch the sunset at the most beautiful sunset place in the world.

Although the summer in Dubai is quite hot, but if you want to see the sunset in the desert in the most brilliant way, you should go between August and October. At this time, the weather is not as hot as summer but you still You can enjoy the dazzling sunshine in the Desert Safari.

One of the special features at the Desert Safari is that you will be able to participate in the best Dubai games such as racing on the desert dunes, riding a camel, smoking shisa, enjoying a barbecue and watching a belly dance. mysterious night light in the desert

When walking in the desert, people organized into groups of tourists from many countries walking at the same time. They use the Land Cruiser to travel to the desert. When going into the desert, the driver let the tire deflate only half, because if the wheel is too tight, it will easily slip over the sand hill. To create a strong feeling for visitors, the car did not run on the surface of the desert but climbed and slid down the sand dunes on very steep slopes. However, the skilled drivers who control the car, sitting in the bouncy car, want to lose their breath, like you have just experienced a huge sandstorm in the desert.