Best Desert Safaris Tours in Dubai (part 2)

4. Hot Air Balloon flight and Overnight Desert Safari by Platinum Heritage

The tour guide will pick you up in a Land Rover which is open-top vintage. Once you leave the city and head for the desert, guides regale you with Dubai’s historical tales along with a run-through of local traditions and customs. The camels which carry you back to your tent in the evening are a very special touch. When you wake up the next day, you will have a magical experience of the early morning hot air balloon flight.

5. Dune Riders by Dream Explorer Dubai

Adventurous travelers make up the tribe of this tour. There is a swift safety briefing when you get to the desert. Then you’re off dipping and diving over sand dunes, which even may lie at a stomach-dropping 90-degree angle. You don’t need to worry about getting lost in the middle of the desert because the trip happens in convoy. An hour of sand boarding also adds extra thrills.

6. Quad Bikes Safari by Red Dunes Desert Safari

There’s nothing more delightful than charging over dunes across the desert on your own quad bike. You are picked up at the hotel and taken to the quad biking spot in the desert after 30 minutes. Although this isn’t the most luxurious, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to have a bit of adventure on a short period of time and experience local Arabic culture.

7. Hummer H2 Safari by Sand Trax Dubai Desert Safaris

This is a four-hour tour beginning with a pick-up at your hotel in a huge white Hummer, which will take you to the desert. The drivers run you through the itinerary: thrilling sand dune drive, a barbecue dinner, shisha, belly dancing, a good whirling dervish, and Arabic coffee that is so strong your spoon stands upright in it. While most people enjoy desert safaris in a Land Cruiser, the experience in a Hummer is completely different and special.