Best Desert Safaris Tours in Dubai (part 1)

If you want to experience the Emirati culture, visiting a desert safari is one of the best ways. From camping under the stars to quad biking over sand dunes to take a sunrise hot air balloon tour, here is the list of the top desert safaris tours in Dubai.

1. Falconry, Bedouin Life, and Wildlife Drive by Platinum Heritage

While the selling point of this tour is that it helps guests “experience life as a Bedouin nomad,” travelers will be picked up at their hotel doors in a luxury Land Rover that sets things off on a much more comfortable foot. Then the camels will take you to the Bedouin camp in time for seeing the sunrise. And the Desert Conservation Reserve’s wildlife safari, which stops to see the local animals, is really once-in-a-lifetime. There are great guides: they’ll help you prepare yourself the traditional Arabic dishes (Arabic bread, desserts, and Ful medames,) and also explain the local Arabic dancing’s ins and outs.

2. Overnight Safari by Rayna Tours & Travel

Drivers usually take Al Awir road into the desert Safari for some dune driving and photos taking at sunset. From there, you can head to the camp for camel rides. Then, there’s an open bar, a belly dancing show, a fire show, and henna painting. However, it’s the overnight experience which is truly extremely special. When all the other visitors have left, tour guides set up camp with sleeping blankets and bags and you will have the opportunity of enjoying a special star gazing talk. In the next morning, watching the sunrise from the camp over breakfast is an unforgettable experience. If you pre-book, tour guides will stop for some quad biking and sand skiing opportunities on the way back to Dubai.

3. Evening Desert Safari by Atlanta Safari Dubai

It is magical to venture into the desert at night and this late afternoon-evening safari is a typical example. This is the kind of tour which makes guests feel completely looked after. When everyone has reached camp, there will be pre-dinner snacks and live dance shows. The buffet barbecue dinner (fresh salads, couscous, grilled prawns, lamb roasted below ground, chicken, and apricot stews) is one of the best you should try on a desert safari.