Alternative places to visit on your return trip to Dubai (Part 1)

At first impressions, Dubai is great with everything, the skyline, the beaches, the malls, the glamour. So, it’s no wonder that some people plan their second visit after their first is over. So, even if you have had a desert safari, seen the Burj Khalifa, watched the Dubai Fountain, enjoyed a brunch, sunbathed on a beach, shopped in a souk, or crossed the creek, here are some suggestions to do on your next trip to Dubai.

Dubai Fountain

Take to the air

You may have seen the city from Burj Khalifa level or street level, next time you should try experiencing it from the sky with helicopter tours from Helidubai, or Seaplane tours by Seawings. A flight give you a different look of Dubai, and also gives you the opportunity to see Dubai’s man-made islands like the Palm Jumeirah.

If you find that staying inside a plane seems dull, try jumping out of it. Skydive offers you an aerial view of the city with an increasingly close-up one when you dive, being strapped to a parachute instructor. Experienced skydivers can make solo jumps. For a cheaper and less intimidating option, try iFly’s indoor wind-tunnel experience.

Go dune bashing

If you have been on a desert safari, your driver might have did some light dune bashing. If you liked that activity, you should try more advanced versions such as Arabian Adventures that can take you for longer and more dramatic rides, and even teach you how to drive in the sand on your own.

Embrace the desert

The Bedouin are the oldest inhabitants in Dubai, so you should try Platinum Heritage to immerse yourself in its Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience, spending time learning about the culture and eating traditional food.

Moreover, you can try seeing some of Dubai’s native fauna and flora with the Heritage Falconry, or Birds of Prey and Wildlife Desert Safari to see camels, gazelles, and the Arabian oryx in their native ecosystems.Or visit the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to experience the amazing bird life with up to 400 species like flamingos, eagles and more.